I’ve made the comment before that one of my favorite things to do at Christmas time is shopping. Hang on, it’s not that simple. Watching my debit card being slid through that machine repeatedly makes my eye twitch and wrecks my soul. What I mean by “shopping” has nothing to do with actual gift purchases.

What I really love is walking through the stores, hand in hand with my wife as Christmas music plays and all the decorations are up. Now, I enjoy this anytime of the year, but there’s something about Christmas time that just amplifies the emotions. Its just her and I, all alone, on a mission… together. We’re not concerned about our jobs, not talking about the “troubles of life” or “what’s wrong with kids today”. It’s just us; a coffee in one hand and hers in the other. It’s a simple time of connecting, sharing, and hearing each other.

Relax guys, this isn’t gonna be a sappy Hallmark movie blog in effort to win “Hubby of the Year”. I mention this because of something that dawned on me this morning. I had just dropped my daughter off at school and was praying on the way home as I usually do. I said this to God. “God, I need some help. I’ve been really flat the past couple of days. I’m just not feelin’ it. I’m spiritually sleep walking lately and I’m asking you to please stir up something and re-ignite my heart.” My answer came in somewhat of a flashback of the past couple of days and other “flat” moments in my spiritual trek. These moments look like this.

Wake up, hit snooze and pursue 9 minutes of bliss. Actually get up this time and grab my phone by the bedside. Check emails as I head downstairs with one-eye open (not the safest thing but hey, there may be an important one I missed while sleeping). Get safely downstairs to brew the liquid gold my system is screaming for. Turn on the TV and watch a dog that can hoola-hoop??!! No way! Awesome! I make my daughter’s lunch while waiting for Good Morning America to start. Hey, Taylor Swift is gonna be on. I should DVR this for her! I answer a few emails and wait for her to get ready. I’ve got a few minutes, so lemme check my Facebook.

I get a chuckle out of your post about how cold it is outside since it dipped below 70. Oh look, little Susie lost her tooth! (Susie’s name has been changed to protect her identity). There’s one of those old looking cartoons with the clever captions. Nope that one’s not funny either. Wow, he’s got an exam today and forgot to study… again! Crazy stuff. Daughter’s ready to go. Load up, head out, wait in line, drop her off, drive home and pray, “God, I need some help. I’ve been really flat the past couple of days…”

When’s the last time you spent real time with God? Not at church, not in your small group, not in that routine little ‘Thank you God for this day” prayer. I mean just you and Him? Your Bible in front of you, a coffee in one hand and His in the other. Talking, sharing, connecting, letting his Word and His love awaken you from your spiritual slumber. We can’t DVR the episodes of God’s fueling in hopes to catch it later. Don’t miss these moments. Taylor, Facebook and the hoola-hooping dog can wait.

Mark 1:35 “Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.”